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StrawHat Theatre Registration Information

The information you provide in your registration will appear in your online Theatre Profile. You can update your profile at any time by using the Change Theatre Registration link on the Producers page. There are four sections to complete:

1. Theatre Contact Information includes

  • Contact name, email, company web site, phone number (note that Members Area access will require this last name)
  • Days you plan to attend, other audition questions
  • Names of casting representatives attending the auditions
  • User name/ Password set-up: please make a note of your settings!
Click on ADD RECORD to save your listing, then select Continue (Complete)Registration.

2. Performer Job Listing
  • Contract Dates, number of contracts available, room and board info, general salary info
  • Intern openings available
  • Apprentice openings available
  • Musician openings, instruments needed
3. Staff/Tech/Design Job Listing
  • Positions available, contract dates, room and board info, general salary info
Click on DONE to save and review your entries in each section.

4. Registration and Payment Form
Complete the writable pdf to provide your payment information and print it out: We accept MasterCard and Visa, or you may include your check, payable to StrawHat Auditions.
Mail to: StrawHat Auditions, 1771 Post Road East, Westport, CT 06880.

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