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How It Works. For the performer: One audition.
Multiple job opportunities... All in one day.

Registration for the 2017 Auditions is closed.

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You're a non-equity actor. Maybe in school, or just finished. Now what? You need to meet people in the business. Build a resume.
Get known. In short, you need to work.

StrawHat gathers summer theatres, production and entertainment companies, and casting directors all looking for performers for plays, musicals, cruise ships, theme parks, and special events.

Registration: The application process opens in November, giving everyone time to apply. Auditions are restricted to non-Equity performers 18 years of age or older. Every submission received by the deadline date is given consideration for an audition. Performers complete an online application form that serves as the foundation for their OnLine Casting profile page, and then submit the application, supporting materials, and fees. (see APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS)

Members Area access is activated and registration confirmation is sent upon receipt of a complete application.

There are three types of auditions: Song & Monologue, Monologue Only, or Dancers Who Sing, plus a select number of Stand-By appointments. (see AUDITION TYPES).

Selection: Complete applications are vetted and appointments are scheduled.
Audition confirmation is sent.

Audition: Performers and theatrical representatives from across the country converge for three full days of auditions, including a dance call each evening. Performers complete the entire process: audition, dance call, and callbacks all in a single day.

Call Back sheets are posted at the end of each audition hour, with specific instructions from theatres reps, if necessary. Most call backs take place in the evening after dance call.

Auditions are videotaped: as an additional casting tool, and for archival and educational purposes.

Web Site: Your OnLine Casting Profile page is a casting resource used by member theatres both before and after the audition weekend and remains active throughout the summer season. Your registration provides you with access to all the information we receive from participating theatres: contact, web site, job listing, proposed season, plus additional Members Area content.

If you're accepted for an audition, your picture and resume will be published in the StrawHat directory, distributed to all attending theatres. You'll audition and most likely get called back by some of those theatres, all on the same day. And you'll very likely be offered a job. Or two. Or more.

How likely? Last year, over 85% of our actors got callbacks. That's the way it works at StrawHat.