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REGISTER ONLINE and we'll post your resume on our site.

We'll put you online, in front of summer stock theaters, regional theaters, and special production companies. You'll have access to what the theaters are doing this season, what positions are open and who to contact. If they don't contact you first.

The features of the Staff / Tech / Design ONLINE program include:

  • Your resume is posted on our members site for our theaters to review.
  • The best time for our theaters to hire staff tech design people is in the winter, when your resume is on our website.
  • Directors, Music Directors, Musicians, Choreographers and Stage Managers (Union and non-union) are welcome to submit their resumes.
  • If you are a Designer (Set, Scenic Design, Lighting, Costumes, etc), you can submit portfolio materials (pictures or video) up to 3 items for viewing.
  • If you are a Music Director or Pianist you can submit audio or video of your playing or music directing work, up to 3 items.
  • If you are a Choreographer or Director you can submit portfolio materials (pictures or video) up to 3 items for viewing.
  • You have access to our member sections, which includes information on all member theatres, including seasons, contacts, etc.

Please note that all materials submitted are subject to our approval.

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"I can't say enough good things about StrawHat. I arranged an interview with a number of theatres, determined to get a job. My interviews were relaxed and even fun. I met all kinds of other people. The whole day was fun, and the next day there was a message on the machine from Main Street Theatre. I called to confirm my new job from a pay phone at the Empire State Building!"

Jovan Shuck was hired to stage manage the '98 summer season at Main Street Theatre and later served as Company Manager