UPDATE for the 2021 Auditions                        Page Updated on12/21/2020

Due to long-term planning requirements and continued concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, StrawHat Auditions will not present live, in-person auditions for the 2021 season.  The health and safety of performers, casting directors, our staff, and the community at large are paramount during these unsettled times. (For a detailed explanation of our decision, please see our FAQs, keyword pandemic.)

For 2021, we are offering a reduced registration fee and the opportunity to submit a complete audition package – every registrant is encouraged to prepare and submit a video audition and make full use of our online casting services.


New for 2021:         

  • Registration/subscription fee: $37 (non-refundable)
  • Video pre-screen audition required (see PRE-SCREEN VIDEO ADVICE page in the ACTORS drop-down menu)
  • All registered performers may post both a pre-screen video and a 90-second StrawHat audition package (90-second Audition video instructions in Premium Content)
  • Online dance call tutorial (dance call info is found in FAQs, with detailed info in the Premium Content section)
  • StrawHat Featured Performers status
  • Submission Deadlines: Application and pre-screen due by January 15th. StrawHat Audition video due by March 15th (or earlier, if you're ready)

 ALL of the following steps are required for a complete submission:

PART ONE : The online application

When you register or log in, you will first be directed to your Dashboard. Dashboard items in red are pending/incomplete (when complete, they turn blue – or disappear). 

Complete the online registration form. This is the basis for your On Line Casting profile and for the search filters in our Actor Search.

In the Dashboard:

Verify Your Email Address: This will confirm that you input your email correctly.  Once you verify, this task will disappear from your dashboard. Add the following to your Contact List: [email protected] AND [email protected]. Check your spam folder and mark our email as "not spam" if it doesn't show in your in-box!

Profile Information: Open your Personal Profile so you can complete your Online Registration Form. There are 4 sections:

  • Personal Information:  Your contact info, vital statistics, type of audition you’re applying for, etc.
    • Upload your one-page resume pdf here.
    • Upload your video pre-screen audition here. NOTE: You can upload your pre-screen at a later date, but your submission is incomplete until it is posted.
    • Employment Availability: there are two parts – 1: select between Summer Only and Extended Contract. This is a search filter. 2: Enter your actual employment dates by using the calendar. This displays on your Actor Search profile.
    • Click SUBMIT when completed.
  • Roles:  A mini-resume. Enter between 5 – 10 credits. Click SUBMIT when completed.
  • Audition:  Web Only should be a default setting for 2021, but there are other questions to be answered. Returning Actors, please be sure to update your answers from last season! Click SUBMIT when completed.
  • Profile picture: Upload your photo (jpg only!) and use the cropping tool. Original images must be 600 pixels wide or smaller to upload. Click SUBMIT when completed. (There are a number of FREE web optimization tools available online to compress your photo jpg. We suggest

Once you have completed your profile, go back to your dashboard to complete:

  • Payment: Your $37 non-refundable, annual registration fee (also known as your subscription) is payable via our secure e-commerce portal. This provides your access to the Premium Content on our site, including theatre listings and the activation of your Actor Profile.
  • Application Print Out: Once you have paid your subscription/registration fee, a button appears that will open the printable pdf of your application form. Print the pdf, sign and date it, and submit it with a copy of your head-shot and resume (photo and resume should be stapled back-to-back). NOTE: The Print Application button will not appear if anything required, including your payment, is missing from your profile. You can upload your pre-screen at a later date, but your submission is incomplete until it is posted.
  • Hardcopy Photo & Resume: The message in this task changes to reflect your application status: Pending, Received, etc.
  • Opt In to Our Mailing List: We use Mail Chimp for large group communication. Input the email you used to create your account. We do not share our mailing list and will only contact you about StrawHat business or special offers to our subscribers. If you have unsubscribed from our mailing list by mistake, this form will allow you to opt back in.


  • Application Deadline: We must have your hard-copy submission and your pre-screen video must be posted to your profile by this date:   January 15, 2021
  • Spam Filters: ADD US TO YOUR CONTACT LIST! We use two addresses: [email protected] and [email protected] We cannot notify you of concerns – or special information – if you do not identify StrawHat Auditions as an accepted contact.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.

PART TWO : Mail the following items in a single submission packet.

DO NOT fold your head-shot and resume! A manila envelope sized 9” x 12” will hold:

  • Your application Print-out (sign the disclaimer and date the form)
  • Your 8x10” head-shot and one-page resume, stapled back-to-back

Mail To: StrawHat Auditions, 1771 Post Road East #315, Westport, CT 06880

Submit all items prior to the application deadline: January 15, 2021