UPDATE FOR 2021                         10/01/2020


We receive many more submissions than we can accommodate, but these are the primary attributes of a successful application packet:

  1. complete application! Review the full instructions – there are 2 steps – and follow them. (see Instructions) If we have questions or concerns about your application, we may attempt to email you, but only once (see our note about spam filters below).
  2. A professional presentation of your application.
  3. Good-quality headshots in 8x10 format, no larger (see our article)
  4. Properly formatted 8x10 resumes (see our article on resume formatting and follow our guidelines)
  5. A pre-screen audition recording that shows you at your very best
  6. Application print-out with ALL tables completed and your signature where indicated
  7. Your level of experience, meaning your body of work and training as presented on your resume: where and with whom you have studied; number of years you have trained in acting, voice, dance, etc.
  8. The majority of our member theatres are looking to hire an ensemble for the entire season, therefore they hope to see well-rounded performers who sing, act, and dance to some degree or another; who are versatile at both ensemble and possible feature roles; who are team players.

Non-musical opportunities are significantly more competitive. The vast majority of member theatres are casting musicals, and in the past the number of theatres seeking to hire non-musical talent has averaged about 1/3 of registered companies.

Early submission is recommended, but not required. If we receive your application by the deadline, we will review your submission. We begin receiving applications in the fall and start reviewing immediately. If we have questions or issues with your application, we may attempt to contact you and address them. NOTE: Typically, we receive nearly half of the total number of applications during the last two or three weeks before the deadline. This significantly slows our ability to process and notify applicants of their status.

Application Deadline: Your pre-screen video audition must be posted and we must receive your hard-copy submission by this date.

Spam Filters: We cannot notify you of concerns – or special information – if you do not identify StrawHat Auditions as an acceptable domain address.  

ADD US TO YOUR CONTACTS! We have two addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

We strongly recommend that actors create a free email account: Gmail is preferred. If you email address is provided through your university webmail system, our emails may be sent to your junk mail folder. Yahoo and Comcast regularly block our automated mail, too.

StrawHat Featured Performer Selection is just that – selective, and the process is by its very nature a subjective one. There is no mathematical equation, no codified objective measure by which we compare one application to another. Our job is to assemble what appear to be the most promising applicants to the companies that hope to hire them.

Annual Subscription/Registration fee is non-refundable.

We hope this information is helpful, and thank you for your interest in StrawHat!