Audition Types


Musical Theatre and Non-Singing Performers If you are selected for an appointment, you will have exactly ninety seconds to present two pieces: time and choose your material carefully. Song & Monologue auditions should begin with the musical selection followed by the monologue. A professional piano accompanist is provided. Monologue Only auditions should consist of two contrasting pieces. Most participating companies perform at least one musical in their season, so only a limited number – usually one third of those attending – are actively seeking non-singers. Therefore, the number of audition slots available to non-musical talent is restricted. Full information on material and presentation will be sent with your appointment notification.

Dancers Who Sing Auditions take place in a single session on the last day of the audition weekend only. Space is limited to 100+ candidates with extensive dance training (10 years+) in all disciplines and musical theatre experience or aspirations. Selected performers will be taught a combination at 2:00 p.m. which they will present to casting reps beginning at 3:00. Dancers must be prepared to sing their best 16 bars of an up-tempo piece after presenting the dance combination.

Stand-By Appointments Stand-bys audition at short notice in place of a cancellation or “no show” and are guaranteed to audition the day they are scheduled. Stand-bys are selected in advance and their profiles are printed in that day’s audition directory. Only scheduled applicants are allowed to come in on stand-by. StrawHat does not accept walk-ins. Stand-bys have a designated waiting area backstage where they remain on call.

Callbacks Callback lists are posted at the end of each audition hour. Most callbacks take place in the evening after dance call, so plan accordingly. If you are called back, you may also be asked to attend a group dance call at the end of the day, in addition to the individual theatre callbacks. Dancers who are called back may be asked to attend the evening dance call as well.

Note: Once you are scheduled to audition there is an additional charge of $25.00 to change your appointment time.

If you are not accepted for an appointment, you still have full access to all services provided by our website, and your picture and resume profile will remain published online until the end of the subscription period (October 1st each year).

Thank you for your interest in the StrawHat Auditions!