Audition Types


UPDATE for the 2021 Auditions                       10/01/2020

Musical Theatre and Non-Singing Performers A StrawHat audition package should be no longer than ninety seconds total and present two pieces: time and choose your material carefully. Song & Monologue auditions should consist of a brief musical selection and a monologue. Monologue Only auditions should consist of two contrasting pieces. Most participating companies perform at least one musical in their season, so only a limited number – usually one third of those registered – are actively seeking non-singers. Recommendations on preparation, audition material, and self-tape guidelines are provided in our Premium Content section for registered applicants.

Dancers Who Sing are expected to have extensive dance training (10 years+) in multiple disciplines and musical theatre experience or aspirations. A StrawHat audition package should be no longer than 90 seconds and present two pieces, as above. Dancers should also post a reel of dance performance footage to their pages in addition to their StrawHat package.

Detailed guidelines and instructions on taping your StrawHat package, as well as the Virtual Dance Call, will be provided upon receipt of your hardcopy submission.

Thank you for your interest in the StrawHat Auditions!